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During the past 5,000 years ancient stories have been retold and retranslated many times, resulting in the traditional history that you will find in encyclopedias and history books.

But we can now tell you that
In many cases, what you have been told about the past - is wrong. Hidden beneath the various misunderstood and mistranslated stories - is a different narrative.

Ancient Egypt   Papyrus of ANI

Papyrus of ANI, Plate 1 | SUN-disc glyph

Traditional meaning of this glyph (#N5 by Egyptologist, Sir Alan Gardiner) is the Sun.

But it is simply what it depicts - a Compact Disk (computer data disk).

This is supported by 128 glyphs in the right hand 3 columns that actually depict and describe computer technology. Three quick examples...

Compact Disk and cd-Drive Tray depicted
Mouse and Cable described and depicted

So - What was the Papyrus of ANI ?

Traditionally we have been told that it was a book for certain people upon their death, called the Book of Going Forth by Days - regarding how to get to the afterlife by boat, involving first worshipping the RA-god Aten's Sun-disc.

It is a manual describing how and where to place a compact disk in a computer in order to use a mouse & cable to bring forth this picture of a Sailboat.

Having established that the Egyptians depicted and described a compact disk - the next question is:
Did anyone else located nearby, and of those times, document similar things ?

Ancient World Maps / Wheels of Life

Babylonian and Greek Maps, Tibetan Wheel of Life, and Wheel of Destiny (Nostradamus)

A Babylonian Map of the known World was engraved on a clay tablet. It is depicted circular and as having 8 regions (circles) by water canals (rectangles).

A Greek Map of the known World (said to have been stolen from the Egyptians) shows the Mediterranean Basin and countries around it within a circular ocean.

The Tibetan Wheel of Life depicts realms within a large circle that has a smaller circle in the centre.

The Wheel of Destiny of Nations (Nostradamus) depicts 8 regions, is circular, and has a small hole in the centre.

The round Babylonian world map has 8 regions, as does the Destiny of Nations wheel. [map of the 'world' is synonymous with 'nations' on a map.]

The two Wheels are basically the same shape as is the Eyptian glyph that we now know to be a compact disk

Is this all just coincidence - or were other ancient societies also influenced by compact disks ?

More Disks and Two Tablets

Hindu Disk and Mouse, Tablets in Creation Stories

Hindu god Ganesha held a disk; and was a scribe who used a mouse as his 'transport' (ie. how to use the disk)

Mesopotamian Creation Stories tell of two Tablets - the Tablet of Destiny and the Tablet of Fate.

Egyptian glyphs identify two individual 'disks' as: the LA-Disk and; the Green One.

Another story from Egypt (Moses) tells of two Tablets of Testimony - known as the Urim and Thummim.

Queen of France reported that Nostradamus used two Magic circles - named Wheel of Destiny of Nations and the Wheel of Time. [Compare with Mesopotamian Tablets: 'Destiny' = 'Destiny' & 'Fate' is synonymous with 'Time'.]

Smith in America in 1830 CE saw two Seer Stones - named the Urim and Thummim.

A set of two Tablets (named/described) are chronicled in two separate stories from neighbouring middle eastern regions.

The ancient tablets are named similar to the Nostradamus magic circles.

The same named two Tablets (Urim and Thummim) are reported in different countries from two different times.

More coincidences ?
Are the two named Moses tablets the same thing as the two Egyptian disks ?
Are the two seer stones (reported by both Moses and Smith) therefore compact disks ?

Nostradamus and Queen 1550 CE : Smith 1830 CE

Cd-Drive Tray and Compact Disk
Plastic Jewel Case

Nostradamus, in his first quatrain, tells us where he put a magic circle - By itself sits on a saddle in the air.

A box in which Smith found the two seer stones also held an artifact - a plastic jewel-case.

Nostradamus described a very similar place wherein he placed his 'magic circle' as did the Egyptian scribe ANI who said 'a protruding ledge with a saddle, in the side of a box'.

In 1830 CE  plastic had not yet been invented  (nor compact disks and computers).

The Pegg Project® relates to the works of two Australian researchers.

Ronald Pegg from Queensland found ENCOUNTERS documented during the past 5,000 years.

Eddy Pengelly from South Australia CONFIRMED these claims (and made further discoveries).

Computer Technology FOUND

A mid 1990s Desktop Computer System and these 3 CD-Roms are documented, described, or depicted in over 30 ancient texts from over 15 countries.

1990s computer system | Ancients cd-rom
Grolier | RedShift2

Certain once-in-a-lifetime individual historical events were selected from each of them and were shown to specifically targeted ancient people.

Papyrus of Ani

Those people were told to document what they heard and saw. The list includes Egyptian scribes, Nostradamus, and many others who now are perceived to be prophets.

When writing of historical events, some misunderstood and perceived those events as their own culture's past, while others understood that it was future events they were viewing.

In contrast to Nostradamus who had to 'hide' this information within his works due to the religious bias of his day, other ancient people totally misunderstood that they were part of a time travel encounter, and thereafter made up folk tales regarding the pictures they saw.

As revealed earlier, many people also described or depicted the computer technology itself.

For What Reason

To enable people in the late 20th century to recognize this type of computer technology who still had access to those CD-Roms and associated History Books. Once what was found in those ancient texts was validated (steps 1 and 2), the conclusion drawn was that  'Finding modern events and pictures from the three cited cd-roms described and documented in ancient texts - Is Proof of Time Travel'.


Once it was confirmed beyond a doubt that somehow, time travel back to the past had taken place, the main reasons were also discovered 'concealed' in those same ancient chronicles, being that
Something went WRONG

It was all needed to point out previous misunderstandings due to earlier time-trips back to the past, so the mistakes could now be identified and acknowledged.

The many unintended consequences now have to be redressed - but without changing the current timeline.

The Significance

As we began to examine Pegg's work we were astonished with what the evidence was telling us - Some type of Computer Technology was in use Back in the Ancient Past.

But, as the same computer technology was showing up in documented accounts spanning 5,000 years of our history - we finally realized that what Pegg had found was actually Proof of Time Travel, Back to the Past.

Then after more scrutiny, as the many unintended consequences revealed themselves and What went Wrong came to our attention, we realized that the world's public need to be informed of all these world-breaking discoveries.

Looking back at traditional history with what we now know, the saying by Eldridge Cleaver comes to mind:
"You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem".

Will what you have been told and therefore believe about ancient Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts - make you part of the problem or part of the solution ?

Choose Your  Study Method

The Pegg Project® publications reveal what really happened throughout history, what went wrong, and how the mistakes can now be corrected.
The Time Travel Evidence website offers various study options so you can begin your own journey of discovery.

This new knowledge will probably change how you see the world, as what we have been told about our past is not what actually happened.
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