The Pegg Project®


The Pegg Project® is an Australian research endeavour that examined many of the world's ancient mysteries.

It was found that traditional understanding and rhetoric regarding individual Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts have misrepresented what those accounts were actually reporting.

Over 30 chronicles were examined and scrutinized. Each one was found to reveal pieces of a larger puzzle that were scattered throughout 12 different countries, spanning 5,000 years.

How the Project Developed

Several recurring themes emerged and included:

- the same two Tablets or Plates being seen throughout history;
- the same type of messenger is associated with those plate encounters;
- that messenger often appeared from a bright light then told of future events;
- associated with those visits were similar dream, vision, and watcher stories.

Then amazing discoveries were made and confirmed:

- computer technology is depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs;
- computer technology is documented in the Old Testament;
- Nostradamus describes computer technology;
- the Book of Mormon describes computer technology;
+ associated with all four accounts (plus others) were the same two 'tablets'.

Those pieces of the puzzle came together when an early 1800s* America picture was uncovered.

- it depicts two clear plastic cd-rom jewel cases;
- they were reported to hold the same two 'tablets';
- the same type of 'messenger from a bright light' was present.
* but Plastic had not yet been invented at that time !

Rechecking the 1240 BCE Egyptian Papyrus of Ani revealed that not only is computer technology depicted and described, the exact images of a compact disk and a mouse & cable are depicted - with two compact disks being either named or described.

The conclusion from the quantity of conclusive written and visual evidence is that somehow Time Travel was involved - because the same 'messenger' was visiting all these different ancient people over thousands of years with the same two compact disks (aka. tablets, plates, seer stones, wheels or books) telling of the same future history and inducing similar dream, vision, and watcher stories.

Other Discoveries

During these investigations many Ancient Mysteries were solved:

+ Atlantis Island - Identified;
+ The 'City Beneath the Sea' - Located;
+ The Five Rings of Atlantis - Found;
+ Egyptian Glyphs - Finally Decoded;
+ Source of ancient God Myths - Found and Identified;
+ Apparatus of Nostradamus - Identified;

Also some Modern Mysteries were solved:

+ Sumerian Gods - Not Aliens;
+ Ezekiel's Wheels - Not a UFO;
+ Nostradamus Decoded - Events Identified;
+ What the Bible Code 2 was trying to tell Drosnin - Revealed.

Many sacred texts were scrutinized in order to see what they may also contain.
In the following, similar findings were observed:

Mesopotamian Creation Stories.
Australian Aboriginal Dream Time Stories.
Egyptian Mythology.
Egg of Brahma Story.
Hindu Mythology.
Greek and Roman Mythology.
Buddhist Mythology.
Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, and Mormon Religious Stories.

Along the way some Religious Mysteries were solved:

+ the Daniel and Revelation War - Identified;
+ the Exodus Event - Found;
+ the Daniel 'prophecies' - Identified and Dated;
+ the Revelation 'prophecies' - Identified and Dated;
+ Mark's 666 Puzzle - Decoded and Solved;
+ The Book with Seven Seals - Identified.

Two Levels of TIME TRAVEL Proof - and the WHY

Employing newly discovered codes from within the Bible's words and the works of Nostradamus, the WHY was established. But this takes three steps to fully understand.

What has been indicated above provides conclusive comprehensive proof that human TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past has taken place.

1. The Disks and Technology findings are presented in 4 Papers and 16 Books which include:
- over 30 accounts of Computer Technology being reported back in the past;
- the 'dream' stories relate to the Headings and Sub-headings visited on the compact disks;
- the 'vision' accounts correspond to specific Pictures seen from the compact disks;
- the 'watcher' narratives pertain to the audio/visual Videos watched from the compact disks.

2. The books of Daniel, Revelation, Moses, and the works of Nostradamus contain descriptions of specific selected Historical Events told to ancient people from the two compact disks. 5 Books report upon this topic and include:
- specific 1991 Persian Gulf War events;
- the names and dates of people working on Bible Codes;
- some general Middle Eastern and Mediterranean history,
- as well as information about the four Abrahamic Religions.

3. Having confirmed beyond a doubt that somehow (1) time travel back to the past has taken place, and (2) actual historical events and named people are documented in ancient texts, the main reason was then discovered:

To point out previous misunderstandings due to earlier time-trips back to the past.

Now identified, the many unintended consequences need to be redressed - without changing the current timeline.
2 Papers and 11 Books present What went wrong, Who was involved, How the misunderstandings transpired; and include Who is going to fix it all, When, How, and with What.

Time Travel visits Back to the Past were undertaken to place the same WARNING in over 30 ancient texts.

Unfortunately the ancient texts do not reveal how to build a time machine nor who went back to the past nor from when.

This new knowledge will probably change how you see the world, as what we have been told about our past is not what actually happened.
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