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25 Years of Investigations

Two Australian Researchers

Ronald Pegg from Townsville, Queensland

Ronald Pegg   Townsville QLD
Reclusive private researcher

{Pegg's picture not available}  
1996 to 2002  Found Evidence of Time Travel
Solved many Ancient Mysteries
Named in ancient texts
20 Original Research Booklets

Queensland researcher found evidence of time travel recorded in many texts from the past. Well known traditional and prophetic stories contain chronicles of those encounters and describe or depict computer technology from the 1990s.
Eddy Pengelly from Adelaide, South Australia

Eddy Pengelly   Adelaide SA
Chief Researcher, Author, Study Coordinator

2003 to 2006  PPHC Study Group
2007 to 2011  World Breaking Discoveries (consultant)
2012 to 2013  Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group (host)
2014 to 2017  Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group (consultant)
20 Books
6 Academic Papers

South Australian researcher was the first to confirm Pegg's discoveries. He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Technology being depicted by the ancient Egyptians.

Personnel and Tasks

This Time Travel Project first evolved from the reclusive studies done by the Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg in 1996, and then continued after the beginning of the world wide public examination of his evidence via the PPHC-SG website in 2004.

Group Leaders examining Mr Pegg's Project material 1996 to 2003
Map of Australia   - Australia
1   Ronald Pegg
1996 to Feb 2002
2a  John Page
1998 to Nov 2001
2b  Ron Pegg Discoveries web site
November 2001
3a  Eddy Pengelly
July 1998 to Aug 2003
3b  PPHC-SG Study Rooms
Jul 2003 to Dec 2003

The planet Earth
5 May 2004  (not current)
6 November 2004

Evaluation Groups - 2000 to 2004

     7 Australian Universities
sent Booklets 12th October 2000
4  Teller
Feb to May 2003
www  online Members & Visitors
PPHC-SG ws and Forums
USA   James Burroughs

New Research by PPHC Study Group

Eddy Pengelly
May 2003 to July 2006

6 Resource Books Printed by PPHC

author - Eddy Pengelly
2003 to 2006

Minor Correction to Pegg's Booklets

James Burroughs
May 2006

News Headlines and Public Information Website

March 2007

Resource Books Published as E-Reports

WBD online Bookshop
April 2007

The Pegg Project®  Chronology

1996 to 2002   Evidence of Time Travel Found

Previously unknown Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg found the contents of particular mid 1990s cd-roms and certain history books documented, described and depicted in many ancient texts.
Conclusion: Time Travel back to the Past was somehow involved.

1998 to 2004   Pegg Project Historical Comparisons

PPHC was the business name set up to produce and print reports by Pegg, that are now in the form of his 20 Booklets.
In 2003 a compiled printed summary book of Pegg's findings was published - Ancient Chronicles Unsealed.

2003 to 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011   Claims Investigated

Independently, South Australian private researcher Eddy Pengelly first confirmed Pegg's observations then conducted his own research, and then made his own astounding discoveries.
His Reports as printed books were first published in-house by PPHC.

from 2007

His six books were converted to eBooks and made available for purchase in PDF format via the World Breaking Discoveries online Bookshop.

2003 to 2011   PPHC Study Group

PPHC-SG chief researcher, Eddy PengellyAbbreviation of 'Pegg Project Historical Comparisons Study Group', this private evaluation group was active on the internet presenting some of Pegg's work on its own website and other forums, and often invited people to conduct on-line evaluations. Pengelly's research books were also made available to the general Australian public. The concept of public workshops and evaluation sessions in Adelaide locations was developed.

The old associated website (2003-2021) presented Eddy's Egyptian case study Video and Book Content details plus his associated introduction video.

2012   Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group

Eddy Pengelly at PPHC-SG rooms hosting an eventA purpose and name change. This was set up in 2012 to cater for people in Adelaide who desired to personally view the three cd-roms that have been documented and described in ancient texts so that they could compare their contents directly with ancient texts, using 3 or 5 specific PPHC Resource Books as references. A new introduction Seminar was made, and the personal delivery of books to interested Adelaide residents was available. The research side of PPHC Study Group was coming to an end [or so Eddy thought].

The archived website still has a link to the PPHC Study Group's How our Study Criterion was Compiled full report.

2009 to 2011   More Case Studies Investigated

During this time Eddy decided to personally redo much of Pegg's work starting from scratch, and thus produced his own research regarding many contentious topics. This took his total number of eBooks available for sale to over ten. (Printing books just for the Adelaide market was now deemed too expensive.)

2012   Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd

This company purchased all the Intellectual Property, Works, and associated Rights regarding The Ronald Pegg Findings™, The Second Witness® works, and The Pengelly Discoveries™ plus all the World Breaking Discoveries, PPHC Study Group and TT2012 created works. The purpose is to seek Partners and Associates who wish to be involved in the dissemination of new knowledge to the general public regarding Proof of Time Travel.
Corporate website:

2014   Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group (ATTSG)

Workshop in PPHC-SG roomsis the replacement public version of Eddy's former PPHC and Adelaide Time Travel Study Groups because he ceased his general research and personal public appearances. A new host was recruited who now provides interested Adelaide people with the opportunity to collect and read the printed research books and then attend a related Workshop to view the evidence for themselves. (Both activities suspended in 2020 due to covid-19 restrictions.)

2014 to 2017   Academic Papers

The ATTSG commissioned Eddy to produce academic papers in response to multiple requests to present Pegg's findings to the world's scholars and academics.
A three part Time Travel paper plus three Case Study papers were the result.

December 2017   Workshop Computer

Repaired Workshop ComputerAt the beginning of the week another one of the old 386/486/Pentium desktop computers that are used for the ATTSG Workshops died. Fortunately the computer repair man came on Friday 22nd and was able to fix it. Of the seven computers that were originally found and 'rescued' since 1998, only three remain working.

2019 to 2020   Supplementary Books

The ATTSG commissioned Eddy to review his works and compile them into a series of Summary editions, Feature books, and Case Studies that would be in text book style - printable A4 size, flat opening with wiro binding.

The result was one Introduction and Twelve new style Reference books.

mid 2020 to mid 2021   Online Workshops

As the ATTSG was unable to conduct their public seminars and workshops due to covid-19 restrictions, Eddy was commissioned to convert them into online interactive Workshops.

late 2021   New Text-Books and PDF eBooks

Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group in association with World Breaking Discoveries (online Publishing) introduced a new catagory of Ancient Mysteries Solved books. Most titles were converted into A4 text-book format for public print editions, with several titles being further adapted into smaller volumes for online eBooks sales.

October 2022   New Summary Book

People wanted to know more about the historical matching of events to ancient descriptions Pegg had made regarding the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation. Eddy was commissioned and produced the Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by Ronald Pegg book.

The Pegg Project ®   2004

Evidence of TIME TRAVEL has been Found  scattered throughout History and documented within the world's Ancient Myths and Texts.

RONALD PEGG said that
finding modern technology depicted and documented out-of-place and out-of-its-own-time-period in earlier historical texts - is proof of Time Travel.

This new knowledge will probably change how you see the world, as what we have been told about our past is not what actually happened.
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