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Ancient Texts Reveal their Secrets

The Pegg Project® is an Australian research endeavour that examined and scrutinized over thirty of the world's ancient mysteries.

Thousands of years of traditional understanding and rhetoric regarding individual Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts have grossly misrepresented and taken out-of-context what those accounts were originally saying.

Now with new revealing insight, those ancient chronicles have given up their secrets.

They report, document, and describe Time Travel Encounters Back in the Past, and provide the WHY.

Warnings had to be placed back in the past so several unintentional 'historical consequences' could be later exposed, identified, then redressed - without changing the current timeline.

This six minute video provides a brief preview of the scope of findings...

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(The mentioned Introduction Video and Study Options have been moved to the Time Travel Evidence website)

This new knowledge will probably change how you see the world, as what we have been told about our past is not what actually happened.
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